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On-site fuelling station

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On-site fuelling station

On-site fuelling stations, can often be found on farms in the agricultural industry. They’re used to conveniently refuel agricultural machinery, as it’s difficult to fill up large combine harvesters and tractors at conventional petrol stations. What’s more, the closest petrol station might be a couple of miles away. Having a farm fuelling station saves time and makes day-to-day farm work easier.

But fuelling stations aren’t just used in agriculture. Many companies that use larger vehicles also have their own tanks, allowing them to very easily supply their machinery with petrol or diesel.

An on-site fuelling station’s fuel tanks will generally be stationed above ground and not underground like normal petrol stations. This is to do with the fact that it’s mandatory for there to be a licence associated with underground tanks.

Requirements for on-site fuelling stations
Depending on the tank, the fuelling station can be located in a building or under a roof. This often concerns diesel tanks which are equipped with special pumps.

There are a few requirements that must be met for farm fuelling stations, as the substances stored in the tank are flammable and harmful to the environment. Some precautions must be taken and the tank itself must meet certain requirements so that it can be used as a fuelling station. You can find detailed information on the requirements you need to be aware of when acquiring and setting up a tank for your farm fuelling station at this link.

For example, these private consumption facilities up to 1000 litres capacity do not need to be checked prior to being put into operation. This is different for facilities containing over 1000 litres. They must be checked by an expert before being put into operation. This check must be carried out again if significant changes are made, such as changing the location.

Looking to set up a farm fuelling station but unsure about what exact items you still need? We have the perfect tank for you as well as any additional equipment you’ll need.

Give us a call or write us an email. We’ll be happy to advise you and find the perfect tank for you.

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