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As one of the leading resellers of tanks and containers, it is our goal to only deliver the best service

  • We will assist you in finding the right container for you
  • We will perform any refit to modify the container to your requirements
  • We will refer you to competent consultants who will aid with integration
  • We will take care of the logistics of getting your container to you
  • We will take care of the challenges of inserting the container into your facility
  • We will of course react quickly and with integrity when problems arise
  • We will provide you with our Terms of Service

You will find more about our guarantees and references in the “About Us” section. We have an FAQ for common questions and we also offer a glossary of terms specific to tanks and containers. You can also get in touch with us if anything is unclear:

Service Hotline: +49 (0)5242-92993
Email: info@heuertanks.com



Find a Tank

Find a tank






We stand for quality

Every tank, vessel and container that we receive is subjected to thorough cleaning and testing protocols. Should there be no certification available, we will carefully review the nameplate and confirm build, materials, equipment and overall condition. We will then generate a data sheet, which is part of every offer on this store. In this data sheet you can find any details we could capture about the product. We request we can perform a detailed volume measurement as well as specific function tests for installed equipment.


A little change goes a long way

Modification of an existing tank is often a strong consideration over the purchase of a new one. Not only will this often be the more cost-effective approach, it can also greatly reduce waiting times for a newly manufactured tank.
We are keenly aware of all the intricacies of handling the high quality materials used in our products and therefore can offer the same high quality standards when making modifications to your product in our own workshop. We can add nozzles, manways, and lighting as well as modify supports and bearings.
Should the requirements of your modifications exceed our capabilities, we can refer you to outstanding engineering services.

To Conversion Request


We deliver or you pick up

We will take care of all steps of the delivery process for you. Not only do we have experts loading the cargo on site, we also work hand in hand with several logistics companies that specialize in large and oversized cargo. We will also bear full responsibility for the cargo arriving intact at your location, all included in your shipping fee.

You can of course also collect your tank yourself. Please ensure the vehicle used is suitable for the transport of the cargo and that the driver has the required training. Please keep in mind to check if you need transport insurance through your insurance provider, in case the default liability insurance of your logistics provider would not cover the full value of the product.

For more details regarding the transport of your cargo, please refer to our terms of service.


Making it look easy

Our sister company, DHS, specializes in the extraction and insertion of large-scale containers in facilities both in use or under construction. Simply let us know if you require their services and we would be happy to share the details of the services required and make sure you get a suitable quote as quickly as possible.
The DHS crew have great experience with the structural properties of stainless-steel installations and containers and can ensure your insertion is handled with great care and safety. They are used to working in facilities while regular business is being conducted and make sure to coordinate with plant and process management to ensure disruption of the day-to-day work around the insertion is kept to a minimum.
If you need assistance with the unloading or insertion of your tanks or want to know more about the services we and DHS can provide, get in touch:  

Service Hotline: +49 (0)5242-92993
Email: info@heuertanks.com

Protecting your equity with smart financing

By producing in a more efficient manner with new and updated infrastructure, you aim to get ahead of the market. Where possible, this should not affect your equity, an advantage that factors heavily into your bank rating.
As a vendor of high value production assets we are more than happy to connect our customers to our network of excellent financial services. On one hand we work with leasing experts and on the other with first class German and international banks.
You can use these contacts to get comprehensive, individual and sustainable financing plans for your expansion and investment endeavors.
We are happy to assist with
  • Allianz Trade backed buyer-credit
  • Financing deals for industrial expansion
  • Collateralization tools
  • Financing plans
Let us know how we can assist you:
Service Hotline: +49 (0)5242-92993
Email: info@heuertanks.com

Tell us what you think

Our team is committed to ensuring you are fully satisfied every time and always happy to come back for more.
As is customary in Westfalia we appreciate an honest opinion. We are delighted by your praise, but we are not afraid to talk about your criticism. Please do not hesitate to talk to us when something is not to your expectations, especially when you feel we can still help to improve the situation.
Service Hotline: +49 (0)5242-92993
Email: info@heuertanks.com
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